China Heparin Industry Report, 2014-2017

Published on 2018/9/11 11:48:06

from PR Newswire Europe

China Heparin Industry Report, 2014-2017 says in terms of the proposed/ongoing projects, it is projected that the heparin API in China will achieve an additional capacity of more than 20 trillion units by 2015, when China's total capacity will exceed 30 trillion units, accounting for roughly 80% of the global demand. Given that America's economy shows signs of recovery and the European economy does not continue to deteriorate, this research forecasts that the market size of the global heparin API and preparation market will bounce back in 2014-2017, when China's heparin industry, heparin API in particular, will see an improved degree of prosperity, thus further releasing new capacity.

The major global heparin API suppliers, including Hepalink, Nanjing King-friend, Dongcheng Biochemicals, Qianhong Bio-pharma, and Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical, have been among the top 4 heparin exporters in China for many years, together accounting for over 60% of China's total heparin exports. In response to the impact from international markets, enterprises are stepping up efforts to figure out the solutions, with Hepalink expanding its market share of heparin crude products via M&As overseas. By contrast, the enterprises like Qianhong Bio-pharma, Dongcheng Biochemicals, and Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical have accelerated the R&D into and production of low molecular weight heparin preparations. And Nanjing King-friend is aggressively seeking to expand capacity through IPO. Companies profiled in this China heparin market report along with their data and information on one or all of the following points - Operation, Revenue Structure, Gross Margin, R&D and Investment, Major Clients, Heparin Business as well as Prospect and Forecast - include Hepalink, Qianhong Bio-pharma, Dongcheng Biochemicals, Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical, Tianjin Chase Sun Pharmaceutical, Nanjing King-friend and Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals. This research is supported with 104 charts to help understand the Chinese heparin market analysis.