The Stock of Hepalink Is Still Halted

Published on 2018/9/11 11:49:10

Heparin API production in China accounts for more than 70% in global market. There are many famous companies producing API, such as Hepalink (stock code "002399"), Changshan Pharm(stock code 300255),Qianhong Bio-pharma(stock code 002550) and Dongcheng Biochemicals (stock code 002675.SZ).But the stock of Hepalink and Dongcheng Biochemicals is still halted.

In 2014, Chinese stock market re-gated. With the development of economy of China, a new bull market appeared. Especially in recent months, the stock market was growing rapidly and price-earnings ratio of some companies was more than 100 or even 600. This bull market made lots of people and companies very rich. Some companies were ready to return to China's stock market, like Qihoo 360 Technology(NYSE:QIHU) and Momo Inc(Nasdaq: MOMO) . Meanwhile, the market capitalization of heparin related companies grew rapidly.

Beijing Adhoc International Technologies Co., Ltd is a professional vendor who provides reagents used in researches and quality control of glycosaminoglycan products such as heparin and chondroitin sulfate. Our enzyme product and detection reagents e.g. Heparinases Chondroitinase / Reagents for chromogenic assays(s-2238,s-2765)   have been sold to a number of countries. We will grow rapidly too.

But a bad thing happened. The stock market declined. And the stock of Hepalink, Changshan Pharm,Qianhong Bio-pharma and Dongcheng Biochemicals was halted. With the changing of situation, the stock of Changshan Pharm and Qianhong Bio-pharma had been resumed. But the stock of Hepalink and Dongcheng Biochemicals is still halted. 
When is the stock resumed? Whether can influence the production of heparin API? I think it can not influence the production of heparin API and the heparin industry will grow rapidly. But I can not answer the first question.

We provide the best product and good service for our customers no matter how bad the situation is!