Human Antithrombin

Human antithrombin, prepared from human plasma, inactivates factor IIa (thrombin) and factor Xa, therefore can be used to determine the anti-FIIa and anti-FXa activities of heparin and LMWHs.


Human antithrombin can be used in many applications, such as:

  1. Anti-factor Xa activity to anti-factor IIa activity ratios of heparin and LMWHs
  2. Anti-factor IIa activities and anti-factor Xa activities of heparin and LMWHs
  3. As a research reagent to investigate coagulation-related species


Human antithrombin is in form of white lyophilized powder stored in vials.

Each vial contains: Human antithrombin 10 IU; Tris 60.5 mg.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: white lyophilized powder

Purity: electrophoretic purity

Molecular weight: about 56 kDa

E1cm1%(280 nm): about 10

Specific activity: not less than 6 IU/mg


Reconstitute the entire contents of a vial, dissolve it with 10 mL distilled water to get a solution with concentration of 1 IU/mL human antithrombin, pH 7.4.

Stability and Storage

The lyophilized powder of human antithrombin could be preserved at 2 to 8 °C for 12 months.

The 0.25 IU/mL human antithrombin solution could be preserved at 2 to 8 °C for about 1 month.

Order Information

Catalog number: AG00-0132

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10×10 IU 1000.00


Human Antithrombin is only used for lab researches. Do NOT use it as drugs or in vivo experiments.

See more about chromogenic assays.