Heparinase Kit for 1,6-Anhydro Tests

Heparinase kit is intended to determine the levels of 1,6-anhydro forms in enoxaparin sodium according to Monograph 1097 of the European Pharmacopoeia and Chapter 207 of the United States Pharmacopeia.

A mixture of heparinase I, heparinase II and heparinase III completely depolymerize enoxaparin sodium into small fragments, most of which are disaccharides carrying a C=C double bond at the non-reducing terminal. These unsaturated disaccharides are separated by SAX chromatography and detected at 234 nm wavelength. The 1,6-anhydro level can thereby be calculated by using heparin-derived unsaturated disaccharides to identify the corresponding peaks.

Each heparinase kit can be used for one 1,6-Anhydro test.


All the heparinases are natural, from Flavobacterium heparinum.

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Catalog number: AG00-0141

Package size: One test for 1,6-Anhydro level of enoxaparin sodium

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